Business Support Services

          Write a blog post

          Update your website content

          Write 25 - 30 tweets for your Twitter account

          Create a company page on a social media network

          Fix broken links on your website

          Set up an auto responder

          Fix an image in Photoshop - see some examples

          Manage your calendar

          Design company letterhead

          Order a shopping list for home or office delivery

          Create an email campaign

          Create a list of 30 contacts for an email campaign

          Balance a monthly bank statement

          Analyze and update basic SEO elements for a website

          Organize your files and sync with your cloud or Dropbox

          Research your competition

          Research pricing for a product or service

          Write copy for a marketing mailing

          Do a bulk mailing of 50 - 100 letters

          Prepare a report on recent developments in your industry

          Type 4 - 5 pages of text from hardcopy or PDF files

          Transcribe a 15 - 30  minutes of audio

          Proofread a document or two

          Delete spam

          Write a press release

          Write copy for a Powerpoint presentation

          Catch up with client emails

          Design an advertising banner

          Book client appointments

          Create basic reports

          Research blog or newsletter topics

          Type a guest list of 150 - 200 people for an event

          Generate a budge for an event

          Unsubscribe you from pesky mailing lists

          Update your contact/client list in your address book, cloud, or CRM

          Set up a basic project management system

          Filter and reply to comments on your blog and/or social media

          Tell your client base about new products or services

          Create an ebook cover

          Set up a newsletter to keep your clients informed about your company

          Answer support tickets

          Participate in discussion forums on your behalf

          Send personalized letters to clients after events

          Research your next destination for business or personal travel

          Book travel, hotels, and cars for an upcoming trip

          Send you reminders of important dates, business or personal

          Build a custom spreadsheet

          Create a fillable form

          Design a “sell” sheet for your services

          Transcribe voice memo and/or add them to your calendar

          Upload images to your website

          Determine keywords for your blog post or website

          Fulfill product orders

          Do live chat for your business

          Follow up on business leads

          Update your document library

          Create a custom email signature and put it on your email, phone, iPad

          And much more!

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